Kazenone Alagar


Kazenone Alagar is a retired adventurer who now specialises in ancient Eorzean history.

Having put his blade down for good, he now runs a business trading and collecting rare books detailing many different areas of Eorzean history. Over time, he has become especially knowledgeable about some of the lesser known parts of the history of the land, but is still a fair bit behind on the current goings on of the world.

Adventuring Life

Kazenone arrived early to the Age of Adventurers, and quickly made a living as a Sellsword. His time was filled with small quests but very little of any note. After 5 years he had amassed a small fortune to his name and decided to retire.

When Dalamud hit, he increased his wealth by compiling and selling updated maps of the affected lands to interested parties, eventually turning from maps to books for a living.


Despite his collection, he is often quick to judge a "book by its cover" and does not forget first impressions so easily. With that said, he has a special penchant for exotic teas which can serve to mend any bad impressions he may have of a person.


As a merchant, Kazenone has many people who frequent his shop, either as customers or suppliers. A few regulars in particular stand out.

Morgana Browne has become a regular visitor when adventure calls for knowledge and research. She often uses both Kazenone's knowledge and his books to form a plan of action.

Bibilo Bilo, or Bibi, is the Librarian at Her Embrace, home of the Silver Valkyries. She frequently visits Kazenone both for his friendship and his stacks of tomes.